If feeding people heals the body and soul, then food provides the connection between humans and places where trust and harmony are established.


“Lalla Mina“ was a dream that manifested itself through Yasmina Ksikes’s long loving desire to share her Grandmother’s legacy;  consistency, hospitality and great food.


Born in Rabat, Morocco and raised in Casablanca, Yasmina grew up surrounded by captivating aromas, succulent meals and sensual music. Every day, a new, exciting, fresh celebration of flavours unfolded in her home. Teachers by tradition, Yasmina ‘s mother and grandmothers passed along their culinary mastery, which ignited in her a profound love for cooking and hosting.


In her early 20’s, Yasmina made the journey to the U.S., where she earned her first culinary stripes in renown establishments in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami and Chicago. The dance of life eventually took her family to Los Angeles, where she was gracefully welcomed by the wonderful community.


Yasmina, is the mother of two beautiful children, Riyan and Amina. She thrives by bringing people together to celebrate her Moroccan heritage. Her personalized, culinary experiences seamlessly blend traditional Moroccan delicacies with local produce and nomadic life stories set to a symphony of sophisticated notes.


“My adventures have transcended my family’s tradition of sensual, wholesome Moroccan food “says Yasmina.

“it has become a tool that helps me connect deeply with the hearts of the people I meet “


As she starts a new chapter, what was once a dream has become a reality of leading cooking classes, hosting highly curated events and being an ambassador to her beloved Morocco. 


Lalla Mina’s expansion will enable Yasmina to share her immense love for people. Her Moroccan - inspired cuisine that not only nourishes the body but excites the mind and replenishes the soul.


Love. Intention. Abundance.