Chef Yasmina Ksikes


"Brings joy with her food and luxuriates in the cooking process."

- PJ Pesce

I see food as a harmonious thread between humans, places, and connection. I exist to feed people to heal the body and soothe the soul, musing nature and us as One.


“Lalla Mina“ is a manifested ode to my Grandmother's culinary legacy, by the same name.


Born in Rabat, Morocco and raised in Casablanca, I grew up surrounded by captivating aromas, succulent meals and sensual music. Every day, a new, exciting, fresh celebration of flavors unfolded in my home. Teachers by tradition, my mother and grandmothers passed along their culinary mastery, which ignites in me a profound love for cooking and lifting my kitchen team into their own culinary passions.


In my early 20’s, I journeyed to the U.S., where I ran renown establishments in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami and Chicago, both as chef and running operations. The dance of life eventually took my family to Los Angeles, where I have been blessed to feed this wonderful community. I live to activate senses around food and beyond into an elevated human experience to excite the mind and replenish the soul.

I am the mother of two beautiful young-adult children, Riyan and Amina, the latter showing herself as young chef in the making.

Love. Intention. Abundance for all.