The perfect refined Ramadand Treat comes in boxes of 10/ pieces, 25/pieces, /50 pieces.

Hand Made by mother Naima Alami in our los Angeles kitchen.

Chewy and crsipy with the just the perfect hints of orange blossom water, Lalla mina Briouattes are the product of years of expertise delivered trough the legacy of  grand mothers Lalla Mina and Lalla Neftaha bless their souls. 

Every week before Ramadan, it was a feast of preparation in the kitchen where I soaked in closely every detail and smell.

These Briouattes remain one of my favorite dessert .

Vegan option available upon request at no aditional cost/ please specify when you order.

Allow a week before shipping .

Enjoy and  Bessaha !


Almond Honey Briouattes

  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months or freeze for 6 months .


  • Included